The Tangram Whiteboard (TGWB).

The TGWB is implemented on the top of TGIF, a powerful and full-featured open source vector-based drawing tool. The architecture of TGWB is completely distributed, allowing simultaneous modifications in the drawing by any user in the group. Data consistency is ensured using serialization mechanisms and a library which implements a reliable IP multicast protocol.

Downloading and Installing TGWB

In order to compile and install TGWB you need only to download TGIF QPL release 4.1.44 or greater, read the README.tgwb file and follow the instructions.

The Reliable IP Multicast Library (RMcast Library)

We are implementing a library to provide applications a reliable transmission over IP Multicast. This library has been developed under the QPL license. You can find further information at the RMcast Project Page